Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls and Similar Dolls

Nancy Ann Story Books were made in San Francisco between 1930's and 1950's.
They became very popular and so many companies made similar dolls. This category has both and includes such makers as Kerr and Hine, Virga , Hollywood and others.

NA0115 June

#192 June Frozen leg, socket head, no tag Box 40.00

NA0117 June

#192 June Frozen leg, tag, but no box 35.00

NA0119 June

#192 June Jointed, socket head No tag or box 100.00

NA0122 July

#193 July Frozen leg Box lid has tear 35.00

NA160 August

#194 August Frozen leg, with tag and box 45.00

N6 August

#194 August Box but no tag Frozen Leg 30.00

#195 September

September Jointed, socket head Wrist tag
Lightly Played With

NA0124 September

#195 September Small hole in hat Frozen leg, loose tag, no box 35.00

NA0128 October

#196 October Jointed leg, socket head, No box Tiny chips on hands 75.00

N13 October

#196 October Box and tag Frozen Leg 35.00
On Hold

NA0130 November

# 197 November Frozen leg, no tag, no box 35.00


Plastic #87 Bride Faded Box 30.00


Plastic #181 Tuesday With Box 30.00


#91 Summer Mint in box/w tag Pinch face Snap enclosure 40.00

First Birthday

#71 First Birthday Commencement Series Plastic Box and tag 30.00

HW01 Bride

Bride by Hollywood Princess Series Box and tag 20.00

HW02 June

Hollywood June Lucky Stars Series Box but no tag 20.00

HW04 January

Hollywood January Lucky Stars Series Box but no tag or horoscope 15.00

HW03 October

Hollywood October Lucky Stars Series Box and tag but no horoscope 20.00

KH01 Nun Doll

Kerr & Hinz Nun Doll Box but no tag 20.00

UN02 Colonial

11" Colonial Doll Composition, jointed No markings Box marked Colonial 25.00

NO03 Colonial

11" Colonial Doll Composition, jointed No markings but box marked Colonial 25.00

UN01 Russia

8" Composition Russian Doll No Markings but Russia on box 25.00

V01 Scotland

#471 Scottish by Virga Composition Doll in box marked Sottish #471 25.00

V02 Heidi

Heidi of Switzerland by Virga Composition Doll in Box Box marked Heidi of Switzerland 25.00